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October 2023 Updates

This month's updates include: Exciting new features, with a special spotlight on mastering churn and the much-anticipated introduction of TrialTiger and WhaleWatcher.

Upollo Team
Upollo Team
October 2023 Updates

Greetings from Upollo HQ! This month we have some exciting updates to share. Before we begin, we’re asking for feedback on our upcoming Opportunity Size feature – take our 2 minute survey to let us know your thoughts. Let's jump in and see what's new and on the horizon!

See Who is Going to Churn and Why

Churn isn't just a metric—it's the heartbeat of your growth strategy. Want amplified NDR? Keen to skyrocket your overall revenue? With our brand-new Churn Scores, we empower customer success teams to revolutionize their approach and marketers to craft laser-focused messaging. Now, you won't just predict churn; you'll master the art of user retention.

  • Prioritize Outreach: Identify high-risk users and engage them with personalized touchpoints before they consider leaving.
  • Tailor Marketing Campaigns: Adjust messaging and offers based on individual user's churn probability, ensuring resonant communication.
  • Understand the "Why": Gain insights with explanations for each churn score, enabling a deeper understanding of potential user concerns and patterns.

We’re now SOC II Type 1 Certified

Your data's security is paramount. We're proud to announce our SOC II Type 1 Certification, and we're on track to attain Type 2 certification in the next 3 months.

Enhanced Company Data: Quality Meets Quantity

We've significantly enhanced our company data capabilities. Now, we're able to match more businesses with precision, including those that have been founded recently. Plus, we've actively addressed common mismatches, ensuring you get the most accurate and high-quality insights for your strategies.

Job Role Matching: Coming 🔜

Gain a clearer view of who your users really are. Coming soon, you'll be able to identify a user's job title, department, and seniority level, enhancing personalization and engagement.

Shape Our Future: We Value Your Input

We're excited about upcoming features and we want your thoughts! Dive into what's brewing:

  • Opportunity Size: Have you ever wished for a better way to gauge the potential of a sales lead? This upcoming feature is designed to help sales teams rank prospects based on conversion potential and either the deal's dollar value or potential seat count. Your insights can shape its development.
  • WhaleWatcher: Get notified when a "whale" — typically a senior exec from a sizable company — signs up for your app. Join the waitlist for early access.
  • TrialTiger: Maximize conversions by re-engaging potential customers who did not fully utilize your free trial. Join the waitlist for early access.

That’s it for this month! We’re here to empower you to engage, nurture, and understand your users in the most effective way possible. Keep an eye out as we roll out even more enhancements and insights to help you grow your business.

Read the Report: Upollo SOC 2 Type 1
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Upollo Team
Upollo Team

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