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Discover how our commitment to security and privacy ensures your data remains protected and we earn your trust.

Our Promise to You

Explore our framework that safeguards your data:

A Promise of Privacy

Your data is never sold, traded, or mishandled. Your trust is our top priority, and we safeguard it with stringent policies that ensure your information remains exclusively within our secure ecosystem.

No 3rd Parties

Every step – from enrichment to analysis – is conducted internally by our in-house team. By avoiding third-party involvement, we eliminate unnecessary risks and ensure that your sensitive information is handled with the utmost care.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Upollo has been designed from the ground up to keep your and your users' data safe. We encrypt data at rest and in transit, require hardware security keys for access to critical systems and practice defence in depth. 

It’s Your Data – You’re in Control

We segment customer data to ensure individual privacy, with each client's information securely stored. We also have processes in place for data removal and deletion, affirming our commitment to your control over your information.

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About Our SOC 2 Certification

We proudly uphold the highest standards of data security, evidenced by our SOC 2 certification:

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