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Why do you give so many free things away to your free tier?

We're glad you asked! We want to help you see the opportunities for conversion you're missing out on due to multiple free trials and account sharing. But we also just want to help you get data on your users - including things like company name, company size, and industry. We'll confirm their emails and phone numbers in seconds and tell you where they're based with our geo location analysis. Those tools alone would cost you hundreds of dollars a month but we give them away for free because our mission is to help businesses grow.

Why do you charge a percentage?

Rather than create an expensive subscription with no guarantee of results, we only charge users based on the value we actually bring.
Our pricing model ensures we only win when you do. We're that confident we can help!

How effective is Upollo at converting users?

Our data shows that even with the most simplistic nudges, we generally see at least a 5% to 7% conversion rate. Of those that convert, 30% convert right away with 75% taking under a week and 90% under 2 weeks. All that extra revenue could be yours!

But wouldn't they have converted anyways?

You're not the first to ask! We did an experiment to get the hard data our customers wanted on this. With Upollo on, a certain level of conversions happened. With Upollo off, they didn't. None of the users we convert would have converted otherwise if we didn't help. Your ROI is therefore around 90% greater than your costs!

What if users churn?

We only charge based on the revenue you actually receive. If your users churn after one month, we only charge you 10% for a month. There's no catch!

What about chargebacks? Stolen cards?

We only get paid if you do. We don't charge for reversed charges or payments made on stolen cards because they don't increase your ARR.

What happens if a user upgrades?

If a customer we converted decides to upgrade during their first year, we charge 10% of that revenue during the first year.

How transparent are you about billings?

When we bill, we show every conversion that came via our platform, how much they paid, and how we converted them. It's important to us that you see exactly where we helped and how.

Can I dispute a charge?

Absolutely. If there is a charge for a user that you don't think Upollo converted, we have a process for customers to dispute it. Accurate billing is very important to us.

Do you have a refund policy?

We do! We will refund any charges accidentally added to your bill. Our goal is to add value (and revenue) to your organization and we will cover any mistakes we make.

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