Over 100x ROI: How OddsJam Converted Thousands of Trial Users to Paid

Discover how OddsJam leveraged Upollo to transform free trial users into a significant opportunity for revenue growth

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The Challenge: Boosting Trial-to-Paid User Conversion

OddsJam, a leading platform that equips bettors worldwide with real-time odds comparisons and advanced betting tools, faced a crucial hurdle in their growth journey. They noticed a high volume of users not transitioning from free trials to paid subscriptions, a trend that highlighted the need for a strategic approach to conversion. Despite the enthusiasm for OddsJam's offerings, many users lingered in the free trial phase, while others gamed the system by opting for multiple free trials. This prompted OddsJam to search for innovative solutions to encourage these users into becoming paying customers.

Upollo’s Solution: Automated Detection and Conversion System

Upollo worked with OddsJam closely to automate the detection and conversion of users who were attempting to get another free trial. The first step was seeing how big the opportunity was, which meant integrating Upollo. This simple process meant connecting their Stripe account to Upollo and adding a few lines of code to their application.

After integrating Upollo, OddsJam saw that over 11% of trials were coming from people who had previously completed a trial. This represented a substantial revenue opportunity for OddsJam. “Our growth team was focused on opportunities yielding 1-3% improvements, and Upollo helped us unlock a 10%+ growth opportunity with just a few minutes of work!”

OddsJam started using Upollo’s real time insights to guide repeat trials to conversion at the highest point of intent, signup. This automated the process of offering people who had previously had a trial a discount on their first month instead of another free trial. 

One of the first customers to convert was a user who had signed up for a new trial seven weeks in a row under multiple relatives and friends names. After the very first prompt, they signed up and are now paying OddsJam $199 per month. Not only did this have a positive impact on OddsJam’s revenue, it also allowed their staff to focus on growing the product and better serving their customers rather than spending a whole person on checking for repeated trials. 

The Results: A Game-Changer for Growth and Efficiency

The results of implementing Upollo soon became apparent. For starters, time spent on manual checks for repeat signups dropped from a full-time employee’s workload to virtually zero, allowing the team to focus on product development and customer service.

OddsJam unlocked $5.7 million in net-new ARR, significantly boosting their revenue and securing a stronger market position.
>100x ROI
Achieving a monumental ROI, OddsJam's strategic investment in conversion optimization paid off, reflecting their savvy approach to growth.
Within just a year, our collaboration led to an additional $2.7 million in verified revenue, showcasing the power of targeted conversion strategies.

A Win-Win for OddsJam and Its Customers

Upollo's partnership with OddsJam exemplifies how addressing a common challenge with innovative technology can lead to substantial revenue growth and operational efficiency. By effectively converting potential losses into gains, OddsJam can now focus more on enhancing its offerings and serving its customers better, all while enjoying a healthier revenue stream.

This showcases the power of strategic collaboration and technological integration in solving complex business challenges, making Upollo a trusted partner for subscription-based businesses looking to optimize their expansion and retention strategies.

"Upollo’s integration has been a breakthrough for OddsJam, providing a scalable account management workflow that evolves with our growth. Their solution has not only enhanced our revenue but has significantly improved our operational efficiency," says Ankit, Founder of OddsJam.

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