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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Upollo, and how does it work?

Upollo is a sophisticated revenue growth platform. By integrating AI with user data, we deep-dive into understanding your customers' behaviors. Here's how:

  1. Connect: We securely process your app's data, dissecting user activities and patterns.
  2. Discover: Find opportunities for growth. Ever wondered who your star customers are? We spotlight high-converting leads and those at risk of churning.
  3. Act: Turn insights into growth by reaching out directly to the user/account, or via our automated Playbooks.
Who is Upollo for?

Upollo is for GTM (go to market) and revenue teams from subscription companies. We help sales people find the biggest opportunities, customer success stop churn before it happens and marketers and growth teams reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

How can I get started with Upollo?

Get started in just a few minutes. Just sign up and connect the data sources you already use:

  1. Billing Data: Link your billing system and we'll unveil patterns, predicting when users will pay, upgrade, downgrade, or churn. We currently support Stripe, Chargebee, Recurly and Braintree – with more platform support coming in the future.
  2. App Events: Link your app's events to anticipate user behavior, ensuring you're always one step ahead. We currently support Segment and Google Tag Manager, as well as using code to add your web app, iOS app or Android app.
What data sources does Upollo integrate with?

Upollo integrates seamlessly with a variety of data sources, allowing you to connect your app data and access insights from platforms like Segment, Stripe, and more. Our no-code integrations make setup quick and hassle-free:

No-Code Integrations:

App Integrations (Just 3 lines of code!):

Do you use a data integration not listed above? Reach to let us know.

How much does Upollo cost? Is there a free trial?

Upollo currently has 3 plan types:

  • Free for Everyone: Try out Upollo for free with no time limit. Simply connect your data sources and receive insights on your users almost immediately. Upgrade to the Growth Plan to grow automatically and see the full range of insights.
  • Growth: Receive all the features of Free, plus the ability to set up automated actions (Playbooks), realtime alerts, and even more insights.
  • Enterprise: For bigger teams and companies, our Enterprise plan allows you to set up advanced integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce, and more.
A five star rating
“We were focused on opportunities yielding 1-3% improvements and Upollo helped us unlock a 10%+ growth opportunity with just a few minutes of work!”
Ankit Goyal
Co-Founder, Oddsjam
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