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See Who's Going to Expand, and Who Might Churn

Empower Customer Success teams with the ability to identify expansion opportunities and predict churn – all at scale and in real time.

Upollo Dashboard with a list of companies titled "Churn Likely"

Our results speak for themselves

Datapoints Analyzed
With over a billion datapoints, we analyze millions of users to give you scaleable results.
+$1.0M ARR
ARR Added
On average, Upollo adds over $1.3 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for our customers.
>20x ROI
Return on Investment
We deliver over 20 times Return on Investment (ROI) for our customers.

UnderstandWhy Your Customers are Ready to Leave or Expand

Personalized reasons underpinning our scores are invaluable for customer retention – your golden ticket to building stronger, long-lasting relationships with your customers. Combine this with our comprehensive 360° view of each customer for more successful customer retention strategies.

Explainability: A user shown in Upollo with scores for Conversion, Churn and Expansion along with reasons for why.

Land and Expand with Unique AI-powered Insights

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Find out if that @gmail is really an @company user with commercial intent.
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Account sharing reveals prime opportunities for expansion.
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Spot who's on a repeated trial and needs attention to convert.
Commercial Intent Detection

Refine, Filter and Segment Leads

Smart filters allow you to build custom segments helping you focus your time on companies that fit your ICP, product champions and the largest opportunities.


Insights in just 10 minutes.
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One-click setup in most instances. Upollo seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack. Insights in just 10 minutes.

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