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See Who's Going to Churn, and Who Might Expand

Empower your Customer Success team to find those likely to churn – and know the reasons why – before it's too late.

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Real Results,
Real Growth

Ever wonder what a billion data points can do? For our users, they're adding massive revenue gains.

Data Points Analyzed Daily
We learn from and analyze billions of data points from businesses and users in nearly every country.
Net New ARR Added
Our customers have seen up to $5.7m in ARR added in a year and tens of millions in new pipeline.
100X ROI
Typical ROI
We're so confident in our ability to amplify your success that we promise at least a 2x return on your investment, with some customers achieving a typical ROI of 100x.

Understand Why Your Customers are Ready to Leave or Expand

Personalized reasons underpinning our scores are invaluable for customer retention – your golden ticket to building stronger, long-lasting relationships with your customers. Combine this with our comprehensive 360° view of each customer for more successful customer retention strategies.

Land and Expand with Unique AI-powered Insights

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Find out if that @gmail is really an @company user with commercial intent.
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Account sharing reveals prime opportunities for expansion.
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Spot who's on a repeated trial and needs attention to convert.
Commercial Intent Detection

Refine, Filter and Segment Leads

Smart filters allow you to build custom segments helping you focus your time on companies that fit your ICP, product champions and the largest opportunities.


Insights in just 10 minutes.
No Eng Needed!

One-click setup in most instances. Upollo seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack. Insights in just 10 minutes.

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No-Code Setup
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Web and Mobile Apps
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Dedicated Support

Go from Reactive to Proactive: Integrations and Automations

Identify who is going to churn and the reasons why. Turn predictions into prevention – offer proactive support, have productive pricing conversations, or re-engage customers that are slipping away.

Automate Re-engagement with Braze

Give dormant users a nudge to log back in and try a new feature.

Offer Support to Trial Users with Loops

Provide personalized onboarding support to trial users to drive adoption and conversion.

See Churn Predictions in HubSpot

Give your sales team the whole picture, for every account.

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