Predict and Act on Churn Before it Happens

Find out who is going to churn and why based on every click, call, support ticket and more.

Automated, Accurate and Effortless

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Onboard in minutes – no engineering resources required.
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Churn predictions in hours, not months-long implementation cycles.
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Our models automatically adapt to your product's evolving usage patterns, new features, and data schema changes – no manual configuration needed as your product grows.

Go from Reactive to Proactive: Integrations and Automations

Identify who is going to churn and the reasons why. Turn predictions into prevention – offer proactive support, have productive pricing conversations, or re-engage customers that are slipping away.

Automate Re-engagement with Braze

Give dormant users a nudge to log back in and try a new feature.

Offer Support to Trial Users with Loops

Provide personalized onboarding support to trial users to drive adoption and conversion.

See Churn Predictions in HubSpot

Give your sales team the whole picture, for every account.

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A Global Model that Predicts over 90% of Churn in Advance

Our model analyzes billions of customer interactions and churn events daily, learning from millions globally across industries. With our scale, we can predict over 90% of churn in advance by accounting for nuanced behaviors, market trends, and industry nuances that others overlook.

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