Turn One User… Into Many Paying Users

About 15–45% of your users may be account sharing. Turn them into paying customers and supercharge your growth.

A list of users who have been detected Account Sharing

Our results speak for themselves

Datapoints Analyzed
With over a billion datapoints, we analyze millions of users to give you scaleable results.
+$1.0M ARR
ARR Added
On average, Upollo adds over $1.3 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for our customers.
>20x ROI
Return on Investment
We deliver over 20 times Return on Investment (ROI) for our customers.

Account Sharers Already Love (and Use) Your Product

Unearth account sharers who already love your product. Our user insights identify them, and we're ready to convert them into paying customers.

Account-sharing users turned into individual Pro plans.

Convert Sharers into Happy, Paying Customers

We not only pinpoint account sharers but also implement proven strategies to turn them into happy, paying customers.

Create in-product nudges and guide them with automated campaigns for skyrocketing conversion rates.

Two lists of users in Upollo with actions on what to do next: In-Product Nudge and Add to Campaign

Get Invaluable Data for your AEs to Power Next Quarter's Goals

Arm your sales team with invaluable account sharing data to drive your growth. We analyze hundreds of signals to identify account sharing, saving you time and effort. Our platform works for both B2B and B2C:

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B2B: Tailor made for businesses in converting all types of accounts, from single-seat plans to hundreds of users on a team.
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B2C: We make it effortless to convert users sharing their ex-partner's account years after a breakup.
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Detect Account Sharing in just 10 minutes.No Eng Needed!

One-click setup in most instances. Upollo seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack. Insights in just 10 minutes.

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Turn Account Sharers Into Paying Customers

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