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Datapoints Analyzed
With over a billion datapoints, we analyze millions of users to give you scaleable results.
+$1.0M ARR
ARR Added
On average, Upollo adds over $1.3 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for our customers.
>20x ROI
Return on Investment
We deliver over 20 times Return on Investment (ROI) for our customers.

Shared Accounts to Engaged Customers

Unlock hidden potential by identifying users sharing accounts. Our platform equips you to seamlessly convert these users into individual, engaged customers.

Account-sharing users turned into individual Pro plans.

Convert Repeated Free Trials to Paid Users

Maximize your conversion rates by detecting users on repeated free trials. Utilize our insights to target them with personalized offers, encouraging them to sign up and become loyal customers.

Commercial Intent Detection

Ensure you Have Real, Contactable Users

Make sure your user base is solid. Detect and filter out fake emails and low-quality sign-ups, keeping your data clean and actionable.

Two groups of users targeted with different product actions.

Insights in just 10 minutes.
No Eng Needed!

One-click setup in most instances. Upollo seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack. Insights in just 10 minutes.

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