96% Accurate vs. Who Knows 🤷

Our AI-generated Churn Scores are 96% accurate. When we predict churn, it almost always happens before the next renewal. Traditional health scores often miss the mark, leading you to chase false risks and annoy stable customers.

Every User Touchpoint Analyzed

Health scores rely on a few basic metrics like product usage, but Upollo goes further. We analyze every click, page view, support interaction, and more.

We know if a user is consistently active or just sporadically checking in. We can even tell if heavy activity means they're about to export their data and leave. Our detailed analysis ensures no signal is overlooked.

Data Science & AI vs. Guesswork

Health scores are built on educated guesses. Deciding the right weight for each action can be arbitrary and subjective. Should an action be worth 50 points or 100? Does it even matter?

Upollo automates this entire process, providing highly accurate scores without the need for manual input or guesswork, saving you time and ensuring precision.

Always Up-to-Date Without Lifting a Finger vs. Constant Maintenance

As your product evolves and your customer base grows, keeping health scores up-to-date can be a constant struggle.

Upollo adapts automatically, continuously analyzing new data without requiring any manual updates. Whether your onboarding process changes or your ideal customer profile shifts, our AI keeps up, ensuring you always have the most relevant insights.

Churn Score
VP of Sales
Senior Level Employee
Customer Success Manager
Head of Sales
Senior Level Employee

Unmatched Global Insights from 10M+ Users vs. Just Your Own

Upollo’s models learn from data from tens of millions of users worldwide, offering patterns and trends that traditional health scores can't.

We identify churn risks across different companies, countries, departments, roles, and payment methods, providing a level of analysis that is beyond the reach of most businesses.

Go Beyond Just a Number

Upollo doesn't just give you a single churn score; it provides detailed explanations. Understand if a customer is a poor fit, hasn't engaged with key product features, or if their team growth has stalled.

These actionable insights allow you to take precise steps to prevent churn and improve retention effectively.

Ditch Your Health Scores for Good

Say goodbye to outdated health scores and embrace the future of customer retention.