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“We were focused on opportunities yielding 1-3% improvements and Upollo helped us unlock a 10%+ growth opportunity with just a few minutes of work!”
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Uncover instant growth opportunities

11% of trials are repeat-customers, and up to 45% of users account share.

Use Upollo's real time insights to understand if, when, and how your customers are getting repeat trials and sharing their accounts. All in real time and available via client and server APIs, webhooks, and our dashboard.

Convert the unconvertable

With one API call, access real-time insights to find and convert users repeating trials, sharing their account, and more.

Build effective conversion strategies specifically targeted at account sharers and repeat trialers, such as in-product promotions and nudges, coupons and offers via payment providers, email outreach, and more.

Know your customers

We analyze billions of data points to provide user, device and company insights in real-time.
Our suite of APIs can ensure your customers are real and contactable, and enrich the data you have on them.
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  • Real time detection of account sharing and repeated trials

  • User, device, and company insights

  • Unlimited email, phone, and geo location analysis

  • Real time analysis to convert, retain, and expand

1const analysis = await upollo.assess(
2  { userEmail: "person@example.com" },
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Simple API. Powerful insights.

Client libraries for web, iOS, and Android.

Webhooks and server libraries in Python, Go, NodeJS and more.

Missing a language? Get in touch - we're happy to help!

Privacy and security first

Encrypted user data in transit and at rest

GDPR compliant data protection agreement

User data is never shared

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