Know Who is Ready to Convert, Churn or Expand and Why

Find the
Sign ups
Sign ups
that will
and know why.

Harness product, behavior, CRM signals and more for smarter sales, customer success and marketing that grows pipelines and accelerates NDR growth.

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No engineering or complex configuration needed
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Efficient GTM. Focus on the needles, not the haystack
Our Impact

Real Results,
Real Growth

Ever wonder what a billion data points can do? For our users, they're adding massive revenue gains.

Data Points Analyzed Daily
We learn from and analyze billions of data points from businesses and users in nearly every country.
Net New ARR Added
Our customers have seen up to $5.7m in ARR added in a year and tens of millions in new pipeline.
100X ROI
Typical ROI
We're so confident in our ability to amplify your success that we promise at least a 2x return on your investment, with some customers achieving a typical ROI of 100x.
Problems We Solve

Expand, Retain and Convert

Our platform is designed to empower teams to expand your user base, retain more customers, and convert more signups.

Expand Accounts Faster

Be alerted when there is intent to expand. Know where the opportunities are with opportunity size by department, job title, or engagement level.

Prevent Churn Before it Happens

See Churn Scores for both companies and individual people. Know specific reasons why a person or company might churn soon.

Full 360° View of Your Users

360° view of your customers: Job title, seniority, company info, and whether or not they’ll stay or churn.

Convert More Free & Trial Users to Paid

Convert high propensity customers early, help struggling customers to succeed. Understand why people are converting and what specific factors make them less likely to.

Identify the Best Conversion Opportunities

See Conversion Scores for both companies and individual people – both Trial to Paid and Free to Paid. See specific reasons why a person or company might convert soon.

How it Works

Data in,
Growth Out

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Seamless integration with your existing tech stack.
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One-click setup in most instances.
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iOS, Android, Web Apps
Connect Your Data

We offer no-code integrations, as well as built-in app libraries.

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Receive Insights in Minutes

Upollo analyzes your data in real-time, delivering actionable insights within minutes.

Take Action & Grow Revenue

Leverage our insights to empower your teams and grow your NDR, ARR, LTV – you name it.

Trust & Security

Committed to Security from Day 1

Explore how we keep your data safe and secure.

We Take Security Seriously

We don’t take the task of being entrusted with your data lightly, we built Upollo from day one with encryption at rest, hardware security keys and more to ensure your data stays safe and secure. Don’t take our word for it, we have penetration tests and more to prove it!

SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Our SOC 2 Type 2 compliance reflects our continuous monitoring and improvement of security measures, safeguarding customer data effectively.

GDPR Compliant

We prioritize user data rights and privacy, ensuring full compliance with GDPR regulations to protect our European customers' information and foster trust.

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