TrialTiger is Built for:

Customer Success Teams

Keep your trial users engaged and ensure they experience the best of your offering.

Growth Teams

Rekindle interest in potential customers and supercharge your conversion rates.

Product Teams

Never lose sight of potential customers. Ensure every trial user gets a fair shot at your product.

How does TrialTiger work?


Sign Up & Connect your Data to Upollo

We offer 1-click no-code integrations with the tools you already use, such as Segment and Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, as well as API integrations.

Upollo integrates with: Segment, Google Tag Manager, Stripe, Recurly, Braintree and API Integration

Detect Inactive Trial Users and Automatically Reach Out to Them

Our advanced algorithms track trial users who have low engagement, ensuring you know exactly who to reach out to. With TrialTiger, you’re not just shooting in the dark – you're making every shot count.

How it TrialTiger works:

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Detect users who have low usage rates during their trial, and have not yet upgraded or converted.
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Automatically send an email to these lapsed users. Offer these users an extension of their trial or a special discount for upgrading.
A UI showing TrialTiger: A user has been flagged with low engagement during trial, though they match Ideal Customer Profile. An automated action sends this user a reminder email extending their trial for another 14 days.

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