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November 2023 Updates

The latest updates in Upollo, including new user viewing filters, enhanced model precision, speedy dashboard, and deeper company insights, along with industry insights on churn management

Upollo Team
Upollo Team
November 2023 Updates

New in the app

New Filters for User Viewing: We've added some handy new filters when you're looking at Users in a Company. Now, you can sort by Contact Information, Plan Type, and User Revenue. It's all about giving you the tools to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Improvements to the platform

Enhanced Model Precision: Our models for free-to-paid, trial-to-paid and churn prediction are now more accurate than ever. With the integration of additional signals, we provide deeper insights and explanations, empowering you to proactively prevent churn and more accurately predict when people will convert.

Speedy Dashboard: We've ramped up our dashboard's loading speed and key platform functionalities, now delivering performance up to 10x faster than before. Log in to check it out!

New Pagination System: We've overhauled our pagination system, so now you're not just stuck with just a few users per page. More data at your fingertips, no more flipping back and forth.


Coming soon!

Expanded Company Insights: Keep an eye out for deeper, richer insights coming soon to the Companies view, such as:

  • Understanding Financials Better: Get a clear picture of what your customers are paying over time, their overall contribution to your revenue, and forecasted future payments.
  • Deeper Dive into User Engagement: Gain insights into how active your users are, their current subscription status, where they're located, and more about who they are.
  • Smarter Predictions & Growth Tracking: We'll help you anticipate which users might leave or upgrade, and keep you updated on how your user base and earnings are evolving.

Enhanced People Data: Soon, you'll have access to improved People data, including job roles for all your users. Knowing your audience just got a whole lot easier.


In the Industry: Spotlight on Churn

Warner Bros. Discovery reported a loss of 700,000 global streaming subscribers in Q3, attributing the decline primarily to churn and a light content pipeline due to the Hollywood actors' strike, highlighting how important continued value and proactively preventing churn is to financial results.

Openview's 2023 SaaS Benchmarks Report, shows that Warner Bros isn't alone as gross revenue retention is down 5-13% depending on company size. This has put more pressure on expansion revenue which has also slowed with the best performing companies only seeing 107% expansion, compared to 119% the previous year.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel. There are some effective strategies to tackle churn and we recently wrote the first part of our Ultimate Guide to Churn to help identify who is going to churn, why and what to do about it.


That's it for this month! We're always working to make Upollo better for you, and we can't wait to show you what's next. As always, we're here if you want to chat, need some help, or just have a question.

— Cayden & the Upollo team

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Upollo Team
Upollo Team

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