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August 2023 Updates

Score leads by conversion, new user filters, and commercial intent direction

Upollo Team
Upollo Team
August 2023 Updates

We've been hard at work this month, brewing up heaps of new features.

Now you can see Conversion scores for everyone using your product, as well as whether they have commercial intent, even if they have a account!

See the Best Leads Ordered by Score

Identify users primed to convert from Free-to-Paid or Trial-to-Paid. Stay ahead by pinpointing those ready to take action or prevent drop-offs. Plus, enjoy the new ability to sort all of your users by their Conversion score, right in the Upollo app.

Know Who is Paying with Their Corporate Card

You can now reach out to newly-discovered leads, recommend premium plans, or optimize your marketing strategies. Explore hidden revenue potential by identifying users with commercial intent. All of this can be done after connecting to your payment/billing provider such as Stripe, Recurly, Braintree, and more. Read more in our blog.

Account Sharing & Multi-Accounting Detection, Powered by Machine Learning

We've introduced next-gen ML-based account sharing and multi-accounting detection. By addressing account sharing and multi-accounting, you can expand much faster and increase your conversion rates. Read our blog post to learn more about our methodology behind it.

New User Filters: Subscription Status and Company Revenue

Our Filters team has been busy adding new filters when viewing users in your app:

  • Subscription Status: Active Trial vs. No Subscription
  • Company Revenue: How much has the company they work for paid you within a specified time period.

Dashboard Design Update

To tie a bow on it all, we’ve brought everything together on an updated Home Dashboard to make Upollo more relevant and helpful, every time you log in. Here's what’s new:

  • Added ability to see both Users & Companies from the Dashboard
  • You can now see the biggest Free-to-Paid and Trial-to-Paid Conversion opportunities.
The Upollo Dashboard

Cheers to a month of innovation and growth! We're thrilled to be your partners on this journey. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates, tips, and insights next month.

Read the Report: Upollo SOC 2 Type 1
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Upollo Team
Upollo Team

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