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March 2024 Updates

Churn Prediction Details, new integrations with Mixpanel and Amplitude, enhanced CRM interactions for better predictive accuracy, and automatic user journey mapping

Josh Pindjak
Josh Pindjak
Senior Product Designer
March 2024 Updates

The end of March signifies the end of Q1 2024. Are you growing as fast as you could be? Here's what we’ve been working on to help you hit those goals:

Churn Prediction Details Are Live for Everyone

Get the full picture on churn risks. Our enhanced Churn Prediction now provides clear explanations behind each user's churn score, so you can understand what's driving their likelihood to churn and take proactive steps to retain them. Just click into any User or Company with a Churn Score to see the reasons behind it.

Churn predictions in the Upollo app

CSV Export

You can now easily export any list of Users, Teams or Companies to a CSV file for use in your regular workflow.

Pro tip: Add a few filters to get a curated list.

Export a CSV

Mixpanel & Amplitude Integration

We've expanded our integration ecosystem with new support for both Mixpanel and Amplitude. Sync your data from these platforms with Upollo for even better insights & predictions.

View All Integrations

We now support Mixpanel and Amplitude

CRM Interactions for Better Predictions

For those using Salesforce or Hubspot, we now factor in your CRM interactions in our prediction models, providing a more holistic view of customer interactions. For example, you can now identify:

  • When emails to/from your customers are being ignored
  • When there’s lots of back-and-forth between your Support team that doesn’t resolve a customer’s issue
  • Customers who haven’t heard from anyone until it’s renewal time.

Have another CRM you’d like us to support? Let us know.

CRM Interactions within the Upollo app

Automatic User Journey Mapping

Don't have an events logging platform like Segment or Mixpanel? No problem! We've enhanced our client library with more signals about the user journey, resulting in better predictions and explanations. No additional setup required.

Read the Report: Upollo SOC 2 Type 1
PDF • 2.4mb

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About the Author
Josh Pindjak
Josh Pindjak
Senior Product Designer

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