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February 2024 Updates

Expanded CRM support for Salesforce and Hubspot, enhanced churn and conversion scoring for companies, and new expansion features

Josh Pindjak
Josh Pindjak
Senior Product Designer
February 2024 Updates

We've given our home page a makeover! Dive into our new design that not only looks great but also showcases our newest features.

Not only that, we’ve got a whole suite of new features & improvements to make your experience even better – let’s get into it:

️Exciting New Features

New CRM Support: We're expanding our integration ecosystem with new CRM support for Salesforce and Hubspot. We sync all customers within your CRM, including payment information. Now, you can connect your CRM to Upollo and empower your sales team with enriched insights – Check it out in the Connections tab.

Churn & Conversion Scores at a Company Level: Gain deeper insights at the company level with our new Churn Scores and Conversion Scores, complete with clear explanations. Understand the likelihood of each outcome and strategize accordingly.

Product Improvements

Filter by Score: We added new filters to let you sort Users and Companies by their likelihood of Conversion, Retention (Churn), and Expansion. Tailor your focus for more effective engagement.

Refined Account Sharing Model: We've updated our account sharing model with new features and up-to-date cases to ensure our precision and recall numbers stay top-notch. What’s so good about it? You get fewer false positives and more people who will expand. Our latest model has already added millions in new Expansion pipeline.

Sneak Peek: Expansion

Opportunity Size in the Upollo app

Ever wanted to expand a single user into a team, or a team into an entire company? We’re hard at work building new Expansion features, including:

  • Expansion Scoring: Determine the likelihood of a company expanding. This will help you prioritize and decide who to talk to.
  • Opportunity Size: Understand where your biggest opportunities lie. Receive a full breakdown of every company and where there are unsold seats, either by Department or Location.
Read the Report: Upollo SOC 2 Type 1
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About the Author
Josh Pindjak
Josh Pindjak
Senior Product Designer

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