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April 2024 Updates

New Activity Timeline, CRM sync with Salesforce and HubSpot, integrations with Zendesk and Intercom, enhancements to churn prediction models, and upcoming user seniority insights

Josh Pindjak
Josh Pindjak
Senior Product Designer
April 2024 Updates

The game has changed 🤯 This month, you can now see every interaction a customer has had with your company and how they impact their likelihood to churn. If that wasn’t enough, you can also see insights & predictions right in your CRM.

Let’s dive into what’s new:

Activity Timeline

Gain a comprehensive view of every customer interaction - from product usage and support inquiries to sales conversations and marketing touchpoints.

  • All user engagements are compiled in one centralized feed, accessible right from their profile.
  • See which product features they're using, emails they've received, meetings attended, if they've started or stopped a subscription, and more.
  • As you connect more data sources like CRM and customer support, the timeline becomes an even richer playbook for nurturing relationships.
Upollo activity timeline

Sync to Salesforce & HubSpot

Keep your CRM fully coordinated by pushing Upollo's powerful customer insights directly into Salesforce and HubSpot. With bi-directional syncing, all your account data stays aligned across systems automatically.

  • Your sales team gets full visibility into product usage, churn risk, geographic penetration metrics, and more - right within the CRM workflows they already use daily. At-risk accounts are automatically flagged based on our predictive signals so reps can take action.
  • Meanwhile, Upollo stays up-to-date with all the latest details around closed deals, next engagement steps, and account ownership updates from your CRM.

New Integrations: Zendesk and Intercom

Unify your customer data by integrating with Zendesk and Intercom for a comprehensive view of interactions between your users and support staff.

New integrations: Intercom and Zendesk

A Churn Model that Covers Every Touchpoint

Our unified churn model analyzes customer behavior across all touchpoints - from product usage and support interactions to sales outreach and marketing engagement. By combining these rich datasets with advanced machine learning, we deliver highly accurate churn forecasting.

Understand the impact of issues not being resolved, identify disengaged customers missing critical product value, or pinpoint those showing signs of dissatisfaction. Our model reveals each user's likelihood to churn and the underlying drivers, allowing you to take preemptive action to retain them.

Find out Where to Expand

Coming Soon: Identify areas for geographic expansion by viewing user counts by country for each company to understand market penetration. Focus your efforts on where the biggest opportunities lie.

See location coverage in the Upollo App.

See a User’s Seniority & Job Department

Coming soon in the app, quickly identify senior-level people, as well as the ability to filter users by seniority level and department. Knowing someone’s seniority level and department helps you quickly figure out who to talk to, and who might influence purchasing decisions.

A user's seniority and job department

Read the Report: Upollo SOC 2 Type 1
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About the Author
Josh Pindjak
Josh Pindjak
Senior Product Designer

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