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Free and Unlimited Firmographic Data Enrichment for Segment

· 2 min read

From today we are rolling out the first and only Segment destination that enriches every Identify event with firmographic data at unlimited scale, entirely for free.

While it may seem straightforward, sales, marketing and product teams waste days looking at lists of emails, turning them into companies and using that to figure out opportunities for sales, marketing segmentation or to understand who is actually using the product and why.

Imagine if every user you saw was annotated with all the data for the organisation they are a part of, the industry, the size and more. What if that was done directly at collection time rather than needing to join it with some dataset your data science team downloaded two years ago?

Now all you need to do to see who is using your product is signup for an Upollo account and add our destination to Segment to see all of that data in real time in your Upollo dashboard and on all of your segment events.

Now you have all of this data, you probably are going to ask questions like who is using my product, is engaged and isn’t paying yet? Well we can answer that for you as well! Connect your billing data to Upollo and those and many more questions will be answered in our dashboard without needing to write a query.

We have even more insights that will help you convert, retain, expand and understand coming soon. Drop us a line if and let us know what insights you would love to see next!

In the meantime, you can get started enriching your Segment data and get our insights for free by signing up below.

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