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Using Company Insights from email addresses to identify your best leads

· 3 min read

Identify the best leads with Upollo’s Company Insights?

You’ve just had a customer sign up for your product - great!

While all customers are great, you may want to pay special attention to customers that you think are going to buy more of your product, upgrade to your premium offerings, and/or refer you to everyone they know. Ideally, you should engage with these high priority customers to ensure their experience is smooth and they are happy with your product. But how do you know who is high priority? Your customers won’t tell you this on sign-up - but Upollo will, AND we’ll do it for free.

Upollo's Company Insights

Customer data?

An email can tell you a lot about a person. With Upollo’s checkEmail API, you can lookup the following information about any email:

  • Whether the email is a valid email (and a reason if it isn’t)
  • The type of email: consumer, corporate, educational, not-for-profit, disposable etc
  • If the email is part of a company or institution:
    • The name
    • Industry
    • Number of employees

This information can help you do things like validate email addresses, personalize the user experience, or enhance your sales approach. In this example, we’ll use the information to flag customers from large corporations so that the accounts team can prioritize them in their customer engagement strategy. To get this information, we’ll call Upollo’s checkEmail API when users submit the registration form, parse the response, and then send the prioritization with the registration call:

import { EmailType, UpolloClient } from "@upollo/web";

const upollo = new UpolloClient("your-public-API-key");


function isPriorityCustomer(email) {
const response = await upollo.checkEmail(email);

// Check if the email is from a company, and if so, whether
// that company is a large (and hence high priority) one.
return response.emailType === EmailType.EMAIL_TYPE_COMPANY && && > 1000;

function onSubmitHandler(email) {
const isPriority = isPriorityCustomer(email);
server.register(email, isPriority);

And that’s it! With only a few lines of code, you can learn more about your customers and use this information to boost your sales leads. See for yourself by trying out the demo below with a few email addresses from different companies:

* required field

Want even more customer information, such as device information, geolocation, or whether there are any signs of account sharing or multi-accounting? Sign up today and use the assess API to get powerful real-time insights into your customers.

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