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How to connect to Segment Events

If your app already uses Segment to track analytics events you can connect Upollo to Segment and use the event tracking you have already implemented to improve user insights from Upollo.

Segment Events sends extra events from Segment to Upollo to improve Upollo's analysis.

Connecting Upollo to Segment can be done in a few simple steps. First go to the Connections page and click the connect button for Segment.

connections page screenshot

Then follow the instructions to authorize Upollo with Segment

connections page screenshot

Once connected, Upollo will use events from Segment to assist in analyzing if customers are using multiple accounts or sharing one account between multiple people.

If you have multiple sources, such as a backend and frontend source, you can click the add additional source button to repeat the process once per source. Upollo works best when it has a complete picture of your users actions.

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