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Falsehoods programmers believe about signup pages

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falsehoods about signup pages

Nearly every product starts with a sign up page and they have a huge impact on revenue, a 10% drop in people signing up successfully is a 10% drop in revenue.

We have collected some data backed falsehoods that we have come across for sign up pages.

User identifiers and input

  • Asking for more information is always better

    • Hubspot has a great study showing the impact of each additional input
  • One account maps to one person

    • Accounts can represent a whole company, a family or another group of people

    • Up to 45% of accounts are shared

    • B2B is not immune with 34% of people admitting to sharing accounts with colleagues

  • Emails are always prefilled

    • 34% of signups have their email prefilled
  • Phone numbers are always prefilled

    • 17% of signups have their phone number prefilled
  • Users always save the password

    • Logins are only prefilled 45% of the time
  • Users won't forget/lose their passwords

  • Users always enter their email correctly

    • 0.5-1.0% of email addresses are typoed

      • Fun fact Yahoo emails are typoed twice as often as Gmail
  • Emails will always be valid

  • Emails will always be owned by the user

  • All signups are from a person

    • We have observed hundreds of accounts created in a single day by just one automated system
  • Free email addresses aren't used for B2B

  • You need to ask for password confirmation

Third party logins

  • Everyone has a third party account (eg. Google, Facebook or Apple)

  • People who have a third party account will always login via the button rather than email

  • Third party logins have lower conversion rates

    • Auth0 saw increased a 20% increase in conversation rates from using third party logins

Verification & abuse

  • Emails will be verified on the same device the user signed up from

  • Blocking emails with "+" in them will solve trial or signup abuse

    • 0.04% of all signups using email include a +

    • 2.9% of multi-accounting attempts are done using a "+" email

  • Blocking disposable emails will solve trial or signup abuse

    • The vast majority of multi-accounting is done using multiple regular free email accounts
  • Blocking free email accounts will solve trial or signup abuse

    • Not only does this send away a lot of legitimate customers, most people conducting trial or signup abuse have access to at least one non-free account
  • .edu addresses guarantee the person is a student or teacher

  • or similar addresses guarantee the person is currently a student

We would love to hear any suggestions to add to the list in the comments on Hacker News or feel free to send us suggestions via contact us.

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