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Having an online business can be very rewarding, you can help people all around the world. It’s not always easy though, you need to accept credit card payments which sometimes lead to chargebacks which hurt your revenue, take up time and also impact your reputation with your payment processor.

Preventing payment fraud

· 3 min read

account sharing

What is account sharing?

Account sharing is giving someone access to an account that they are not the owner of, often by sharing login credentials.

Common examples of account sharing are families sharing a Netflix or streaming service account and entire businesses sharing access to a business email or productivity tool

· 3 min read

Firebase Auth is a great tool to add account management to your app or service. It takes care of the myriad of ways people like to login.

upollo firebase

However, Firebase can't tell you anything about the people behind those accounts. It can't tell you if Bob creates a new account every month so he can get the free trial again and again. It also can’t tell you that Peter and Patsy have created one account and share the password so they only have to pay once.

· 6 min read

sharing account access for free

Human generosity is amazing to witness, and we are taught to share from our early childhood. So it is no wonder that behind a single-user paid account you will often find a couple, a group of friends or even an office full of colleagues!

· 5 min read

repeating trial account

Everyone loves getting something for nothing, which is why free credits or 30 day trials are so effective at bringing in customers. However, the love of something free can entice users to simply sign up again rather than become a paying customer.

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